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Ports of the Black Sea - Novorossiysk

Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port

Maritime ports of the Black Sea - Novorossiysk - Transportation Services Geographical coordinates of the port: 44?39’ North; 37?52' East.

Novorossiysk is one of the Black Sea ports of Russia, is among of the largest ports of Black sea. It is located at its north-eastern coast in Novorossiysk or Cemess Bay. Navigation in port lasts the year round. The Novorossiysk Bay is accessible for vessels with draft up to 19, 0 m, and internal water area of port - up to 12, 5 m.

Moorings of Sea Commercial, Timber Ports, Ship Yard, NYTEP etc. are located in Novorossiysk. About 80 moorings by the general extent of 13, 5 km are totally in Novorossiysk.

The Sea Commercial Port is one of the largest in Russia. It includes 45 moorings in the general length more than 8, 5 km. From them 32 are cargo moorings, 10 back up, 3 passenger. From cargo moorings, 22 are used for processing of dry-cargo vessels, 8 - for bulk-oil vessels, 2 - for overload of wine and vegetable oil in bulk. From auxiliary moorings, 1 is intended for bunkering of vessels by fuel, 1 for vessels supply by water, the others for vessels sediment of port fleet.

Basic characteristics of seaport:

Area of territory of seaport 238 hectares
Area of water area of seaport 344 km2 ;
Quantity of moorings 88 units.;
Length of berthing front of seaport 15 287,72 m;
Carrying capacity of cargo terminals
  • total 152 109, 3 thousand ton per year
  • Bulk 112 748 thousand ton per year
  • Dry 31 537, 3 thousand ton per year
  • Container 652 thousand TEU per year;
Maximal dimensions of vessels coming into seaport
on external road:
  • on draft 19 m;
on internal water area of seaport:
  • on draft 13,1 m;
  • on length 295,2 m;
  • on width 45,04 m;
Area of covered warehouses 95, 121 thousand m2;
Area of open storages 696, 53 thousand m2.

Transshipment of cargo in commercial port carries out JSC «Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port».

East area includes moorings №1-6, located on East pier. The area specializes on transshipment of bulk cargoes. Specialized terminals on processing mineral fertilizers, cement, grain, scrap metal and ferrous metals are operated here.

Central area of commercial port includes moorings № 7-13, located on the Wide pier №1. It can accept vessels in length up to 240 m.

Transshipment of ferrous and nonferrous metals, scrap metal, ore, cellulose, various piece cargoes is carried out also.

For cargo works it is used more than 25 portal cranes by carrying capacity from 5 up to 40 tons. The total area of warehouses of the open storage makes 68, 6 thousand m2, warehouses of covered storage - 22, 0 thousand m2.

Western area is the largest of three areas of Commercial port. It includes moorings №14-27 with depths from 8, 3 up to 13, 5 m. They are located (except for mooring №14) on the second Wide pier, piers № 3 and 5, and also on small backup pier. Vessels in length up to 269 m are accepted under processing.

The major specialization of the Western area is transshipment of ferrous metals, in particular, steel in rolls, slabs. Besides, nonferrous metals, equipment, paper, cellulose, fertilizers by bulk are overloaded here. Some moorings are part of specialized terminals.

25 portal cranes by carrying capacity from 5 up to 40 tons are established on territory of the Western area. The total area of open storages makes 70, 0 thousand m2, covered warehouses - 28, 7 thousand m2.

Timber port is located in the western part of dry-cargo harbour on pier "Timber quay". It includes 10 moorings in general length more than 600 m with depths from 6, 8 up to 12 m. Vessels in length more than 120 m can be moored to them

Transhipment of saw-timbers, round wood, wood-fiber plates, plywood, paper, cellulose, ferrous and nonferrous metals, and containers is carried out in Timber Port. For storage of refrigerator cargoes there is warehouse-refrigerator in capacity 5, 5 thousand ton.

For execution of cargo works, there are 8 portal cranes carrying capacity from 6 up to 20 tons, more than 10 tower cranes carrying capacity of 5 tons, 9 full gantry and bridge cranes carrying capacity from 5 up to 20 tons, 2 mobile cranes carrying capacity 40 and 63 tons, about 70 auto-loaders carrying capacity from 1 ton up to 25 tons, 4 container cars.

Total area of warehouses of Timber Port makes 121, 6 thousand m2, including: 85,5 thousand m2 - open storages, 23,9 thousand m2 - covered warehouses, 12,2 thousand m?- warehouses equipped by canopies.

JSC "Novoroslesexport" carries out transshipment of cargo in Timber and Fish Port.

Novorossiysk Ship-Yard has 13 moorings in general extent about 2, 0 km. One of them is cargo mooring, to which railway line is brought. Other moorings are intended for repair and vessels back up. At absence of repaired vessels, the part of them is used for transshipment of cargo.

Refrigerator cargo, metal, containers, motor-vehicles are processed on moorings of Ship-Yard. Cargo works carries out JSC «Novorossiysk Ship Yard». It has 7 portal and mobile cranes carrying capacity from 20 up to 40 tons, about 10 auto-loaders carrying capacity from 1,5 up to 12 ton, trailers.

Warehouse of open storage by the area 15 thousand m2 - is located on territory of Yard. There is also covered warehouse the area 4 thousand m2.

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