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Seaport Azov Sea

Sea Port Temryuk

Seaports Azov Sea, Sea Port Temryuk Geographical coordinates of the port: 45 ° 23 'N, 37 ° 25' E

Sea Port Temryuk is located on the northern shore of the Taman Peninsula in the Gulf of Temryuk of Azov Sea, on distance of 5 km from the city and 3 km from mouth of the Kuban River in depths of the sea channel.

Sea Port Temryuk is open for vessels call all year round.

The nearest railway station – Temryuk, is connected by branch line (14 km) to the line of Crimea - Caucasus.

The railway station Temryuk is situated in immediate proximity from the port. Piers of port are equipped by railway access roads.

Auto road connects all sites of the port. Distance from the port to the city of Temryuk - 4 km.

The nearest airport: Krasnodar - 193 km.

The port handle the vessels having a draft to 4,6 m., length up to 150 m. and width up to 18 m.

It is equipped by modern equipment, reloading machines and mechanisms providing processing of all incoming cargoes:

  • Bulk;
  • General;
  • Heavy;
  • Oversized;
  • Bulk (by direct variant);
  • Containers and others.

Technical equipment of port complex:

  • Portal cranes carrying capacity of 20 tons;
  • Caterpillar cranes;
  • Auto-loaders carrying capacity from 1,5 up to 25 tons;
  • Truck cranes;

Available mechanisms provide daily norms of loading-discharging up to 3 000 tons, depending on kind of cargo.

For reception and storage of cargo, the port has open frontal warehouse areas with concrete covering the area more than 45 120 m2. For transshipment of cargo demanding covered storage, 2 covered warehouses by the area 2 880 m2 are used.

in the ports of the Black and Azov Seas
in the ports of the Black and Azov Seas
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