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О компании C. STEINWEG HANDELSVEEM B.V. (Новороссийск)

Our company is representative office of the oldest transport company of the Netherlands - «C. Steinweg Handelsveem. B.V.».

Company has been based in 1847 in Rotterdam. Business began with transportation, handling and storage of trade and manufactured goods. Since then it has been opened about 70 branches and representative offices worldwide. The company has come to Russia in 90th years of the last century and is given by three branches in Novorossiysk, St.-Petersburg and Kaliningrad.

«C. Steinweg» has a huge material resource in Europe, Asia, Northern and Latin America. At the disposal of the company there are warehouses and terminals for processing containers, non-ferrous metals and other kinds of cargo. For today the company is one of leaders on granting warehouse services in Europe and Asia. Not casually, London Metals Exchange (LME) trusts to our company storage of aluminium alloys, aluminium, copper, nickel, lead and zinc.

Long time, the company «C. Steinweg» was known as the leading world forwarder of non-ferrous metals. Today it is the versatile company which has kept the lead positions at the traditional markets and offers the whole complex of transport-forwarding services under the wide nomenclature of cargoes.

C. Steinweg Handelsveem B.V. (NOVOROSSIYSK) is leaning on experience and opportunities of the head office and its representative offices in the largest trade centers of the world offers the services in field of transport supporting of foreign trade activities: railway, auto and sea transportation, agency service, warehouse service. Complex service allows offering to our clients favorable decisions in field of transport logistic. Container transportation, transportation of combined cargo, cargo certification, responsible storage, cargo forwarding and so on, all is connected to general logistic chain, guaranteeing the best result to our clients.

Especially it is necessary to note, that Steinweg Handelsveem B.V. (NOVOROSSIYSK) is accumulated the wide experience of container transportation: as by sea, and overland (railway and auto transport). Company works with all largest container operators owing to what can give professional service and competitive rates for cargo transportation to any point of the world.

Company is engaged in cargo forwarding not only in Novorossiysk port, but also in many ports of region. Traditionally good positions we keep at Temryuk port.

The big advantage of our company consists in its strategy and possession of the international network of offices, warehouses and port terminals. Combination of representative offices in strategically important points of the world and qualified staff is the keystone to success in realization of qualitative transport logistics. We consider as our purpose to give to our clients full and duly service in combination with best cost.

in the ports of the Black and Azov Seas
in the ports of the Black and Azov Seas
auto Transportation
Sea Container
international container shipping
C. Steinweg Handelsveem B.V.

transportation of export and import cargo
through the ports of the Black and Azov Seas
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